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The Poolicious Plain

My mind was wandering:

In my vision I am on an endless prehistoric plain populated by pools of infinitely different sizes, colors and shapes. One after another they stretch before me, divided by sharp rocks and smooth stones. Here and there lie round boulders, some of them small like pebbles, some of them big enough to function as a platform, and very few of them seem exceptionally comfortable and spacious.

I am wandering that poolicious plain, wading through the pools, climbing rocks and pebbles, and making my way into some direction. Sometimes in a straight line, sometimes aimless, but always on the lookout. The liquids, making up pools and puddles vary in colour, smell, taste and consistency. Sometimes they are comfortably warm and healing, other times they are cold and draining my energy. Some are sticky and smelly, some sticky and sweet. Some smell like rosemary, some like weed, some like feces or sulfur or just like nothing at all. A foggy substance that doesn't feel like anything. But most of the time it feels interesting and exciting to explore what the next pool has to offer.

As time passes I spend different periods in some of the pools and on some of the rocks and boulders, but I know I can never visit them all. I have been to many of them and many are still to come. And maybe just maybe I will find an exceptionally comfortable one to settle on, at least for a while.


[1] Sticky Tar
One day the mind awoke and felt very sticky. The '-.limbs.-' wouldn't move, and it felt like it was floating on fog. It tried to get up but :the body: wouldn't react.
Then the mind heard a voice:
-,.,- "Getting up doesn't make any sense, because today is the day of lying"
"Ah" the mind thought "well then I shall stay here in this strange place and close my eyes...

...and then in the glowing endless void behind the eyelids I saw myself lying flat in a shallow pool, which was filled with a glutinous dark substance sticking to myself like a perfect mould. It was neither cold nor warm, neither wet nor dry. It was just sticking to me like it was a part of me, the strangest thing however was that it had no smell at all.

No smell at all, now that is very suspicious, and did that strange substance just talk to me?..."
-,.,- "...but I am here now and today is the day of lying, I should not get up and see where to go. I should not get up and move. I should not stretch my limbs and see what the future holds and which decision to make. I should stay here, because today is the day of lying."

The mind kept its eyes closed and did nothing. Nothing but lying in a pool of suspicious glutinous dark glob, slowly amalgamating with the air and the pool. Nothing but lying.

-,.,- "It is so easy to just lie here, it is effortless, it is the only thing I need to do. And it's not even doing anything! Genius!"

Nothing but lying.

-,.,- "and by doing nothing, everything else just passes by"


"everything passes by" It thought. "But everything? That means all of the nice things are passing by as well. That's not what I do. That's not what I am here for. I came here to be part of this place. I came here to make, do, smell, feel, laugh, see, taste, enjoy, dislike, love and whatever makes sense, but at least do something."


"We shouldn't be lying around and lying to ourself! Maybe we could just tilt [the head] a little and get a glimpse of what's around us". [the head] moved. -,.,- "and what do you think you're doing? I thought we agreed that today is the day of lying." This thing again. "Oh I was just assessing my surroundings, let's get that arm moving too". And it moved, slowly opened the eyelids and took a peek over the rim of the pool. Before the eyes revealed itself the Poolicious Plain with its infinite number of infinitely better places than that dark sticky pool. So it thought "maybe I should get up and see what the pool with its inviting glow has to offer, it would certainly be better than doing nothing."

...and wandered off


Some of my minds escapades get documented here for other people to enjoy. I enjoy both the virtual and the real world by utilising, honing and indulging my senses. I am also fond of beer and cheese.